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Love and Hip Hop’s Mariah Lynn: An Unexpected Talent

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Love and Hip Hop’s Mariah Lynn: Unexpected Talent

Who is Mariah Lynn?

I know exactly what you’re thinking, at least if you’re familiar with the Love & Hip Hop franchise. The show is a guilty pleasure for many of us, including myself. Although the reality series can be seen as an embarrassment to those in the Black and/or Hip Hop community, it is nonetheless entertaining as hell. Seriously, my 65 year-old mother and anti-reality show friend got sucked in to the storyline on two separate occasions while trying to ignore it. Say what you will, it’s simply engrossing.

Usually the show is full of dramatic persona and drinks ending up in someone’s face. Very rarely is any of the cast musically gifted, even though the show is supposed to be surrounded around the Hip Hop industry and every other scene takes place in a different studio. Under normal conditions, these sessions end up being more talk than rap. Seriously, whoever pays for these sessions is wasting major loot. However, I stumbled upon an unlikely talent watching the new season, which takes place in New York: Mariah Lynn.

Mariah Lynn is one that I did not, and could not, originally take seriously. We meet this thin white girl, joined by New York’s DJ Self, lip syncing her debut single ”Once Upon a Time” and immediately, you don’t have any respect for her.

”Once upon a time, not long ago, I was a hoe. And I’m admitting it. I won’t take you back, cause I did the shit.”
mariah lynn love and hip hop vh1 new music featured artist rapper new york new jersey
New Jersey artist, Mariah Lynn, shows that ever “white girl rapper” isn’t garbage.

Her opening lines, along with the now common stripper-turned-rapper story made me discount her as real talent. Immediately you think of Iggy Azalea without the big ass and then you stop thinking of her at all. However, as the reruns continued to play I kept listening. I would sing along to mock her at first until I realized that this was a catchy ass song. Granted, the message is shitty for women who consider themselves feminist and another downer for the struggling Black women who are also talented but often overshadowed by those of lighter skin tone. Either way, I won’t pass up on a talent, even when my own biases tell me to.

If you immediately think, from ”Once Upon a Time”’s lyrics that you’ve heard this before, give her another shot. It’s not that she’s making songs for strippers, but she’s actually telling her story. And honestly.

After hearing her spit a few more lines to another song on episode #2 of this season, I figured I should give Miss Mariah Lynn a quick YouTube search to see if she was worth any more of my time. I was surprised to find that this less than likely raptress has some lyrical talent! Despite what the LHH season previews displayed, she is constantly working on her craft and uploading bangers. Regardless of how you feel about her initially, there is no hiding from the fact that this chick ain’t half bad at all.

This seems like it goes against every reasonable bone in my body to suggest, but give Mariah Lynn a shot. Trust me, among all the bullshit we put up with on the radio today, you can’t lie; the girl has a knack for choosing a beat you can rock to and drawing you in with lyrics that keep you curious about who Mariah Lynn is.


One thought on “Love and Hip Hop’s Mariah Lynn: An Unexpected Talent

  1. she’s good. she’s really good and deserves to make it to the top. money gun and once upon a time are fantastic, catchy and bangin’ . i want to see her make it to the big time.

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