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BeatFreaka.com Featured Artist: Bianca Clarke

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BF.com Featured Artist

Take a look through the eyes of a talented musician in BeatFreaka.com’s unique Featured Artist Interview.

The Basics:

1. Name: Bianca Clarke a.k.a Queen
2. Age: 23
3. Hometown: Mobile, Al
4. Current Project: Direct Message  (click to download mixtape for free) and another EP in progress.
5. Favorite song (yours): “Tattoo” (on Direct Message)
6. Favorite song (another artist): “Rider” by Future
7. Biggest musical inspiration: Nicki Minaj (inspired by her drive)

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Let’s Get Weird

Who is your most hated cartoon character and why?

Squidward cause he’s always negative and mean to Spongebob.

What is your favorite candy?

I like strawberry Now and Laters.

Most disappointing purchase you ever made?

I spent $2500, years ago, for an Isuzu Trooper Truck. The transmission ended up being shot and ended up having me on the side of the road. I had it for 6 months and I was so mad.

What’s the weirdest sandwich you ever made?

I actually eat this sandwich often. I toast 2 pieces of bread and then put syrup on the inside; pretty much a toasted syrup sandwich. It’s good though. It tastes like pancakes.

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Bianca Clarke’s mixtape, “Direct Message” is already doing numbers. Download it free at DatPiff.com


The last time you dressed up for Halloween, who/what were you?

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in so long, I don’t even know what age I was when this happened, but I dressed up as one of the Powerpuff Girls. That’s how long it’s been! I really want to dress up this year though, just to do it.

Most embarrassing moment in high school?

(Pauses for a long time) I can’t really think of any! I was kind of popular so… I don’t think I had an embarrassing moment, honestly.

What movie did you re-watch as an adult and realize you probably shouldn’t have seen it as a kid?

Boyz N the Hood. I watched that again when I was grown and just realized how much cursing and craziness was in it. I was thinking, “Damn, I shouldn’t have been watching this so young.” It’s kind of a bad influence cause when you’re little it seems so cool, but as an adult, I realized I can’t have my kids watching stuff like that so young.

What Thanksgiving food does everybody try to put on your plate but you really don’t want it?

I don’t like squash. You know what, I don’t really like cranberry sauce either. 

Who is your least favorite teacher of all time and why?

I had a history teacher in high school, Ms. English, who was just miserable and didn’t want nobody to talk at all. Like, it was always dead silent in her class for no reason. If she saw you laughing with your friend, she would just get mad. On top of that, her classroom was right across from the office, so you really couldn’t play with her. I don’t know why she was so mean though! And we were seniors!

There was a time when you were about to eat something good as hell… and you dropped it and got mad as fuck; what food item did you drop?

There’s a place in Mobile, Foosackly’s. It was the first job I worked at too. They pretty much just sell different kinds of chicken and fries, but it’s fresh and fast. I just recently ordered some buffalo chicken from there and before I got to eat it, I dropped it in my car. I was so mad!

bianca clarke mobile alabama datpiff mixtape free download artist singer rapper songwriter talent local south music hip hop
Bianca Clarke, a.k.a. Queen, has unbelievable stage presence and a business sense to go with it. It’s no wonder she’s taking over Mobile, AL.

If you could choose one historical figure to go back in time and smoke with, who would it be?

I think I would bring Tupac back to smoke with. I would have so many questions for him, but the first one I would ask him would be, “What made you go bald at such a young age?” For real, I’ve just always wanted to know that. Like, it takes a certain kind of confidence to just shave your head. I would ask if he had been losing hair or what. I just really want to know that.

What is the craziest experience you’ve ever had with a fan?

The craziest fan situation: this woman walked up on stage like she wanted to fight me because I wouldn’t speak to her – in the middle of my performance! Another time an award show I was in got shut down over the same thing. The most recent weird experience was when a homeboy who I knew from high school got hard when we were just chilling. I had a thermal outfit on, nothing cute or anything, and he said something like “You getting me hot.” And we weren’t doing anything. Then I look over and saw that he was hard. That shit just creeped me out.

What is your advice to other aspiring artists?

“Just do it for the love of it. Nobody can force you to do this cause you’ll never get anywhere.”

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