About Beat Freaka

Brandon Reed, a.k.a. Beat Freaka, was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. He took an interest in music, in particular with production, and invested all of his time and energy into what he loves. After attending Florida A & M University, he journeyed down a few different musical paths, successfully but in the way he wanted. After meeting his wife and ending a relationship with a major record label, Brandon has taken the last few years to travel around the world. In doing so he has evolved as a musician and producer, learning more about music through different people and culture than one could’ve expected.

Beat Freaka is still on an indefinite world trip but he makes music EVERY DAY, advice he’d give to any true passionate artist. Through entrepreneurialism and dedication he provides for he and his wife through his music sales and graphic design. His wife, Danyale Reed, is also a published writer and marketing professional. She provides much of the direction for their businesses which gives Beat Freaka more time to create. Together, they run BeatFreaka.com, a network of professionals who care about their craft and are serious about making a mark in this industry. Their hope is to unite as many as possible within a positive environment, especially now.

If you would like to contact Beat Freaka for any reason, major or minor, please email beatfreaka808@gmail.com He will personally get back to you right away.

If you are interested in Beat Freaka’s travel stories, read more at ReedsOnTheRoad.com.


Beat Freaka making beats in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he stayed for 10 months.

Beats in Waikiki